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Blind Rentals and Sales

At Industrial Blind Solutions we know our business because we specialize in one product and one product only: industrial blinds. It’s this narrow focus that makes us the experts in our field. We make our blinds available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and specifications, and we add special features and solutions to meet the individualized needs of you, our customer.

Thanks to our unique distribution system, we can guarantee that blinds will always be delivered to your site in a timely, organized and secure manner. All blinds are made of 516-Gr70 spec carbon steel material according to ASME/ANSI B16.5 and B16.47 specifications. All are stamped for size and rating to ensure easy identification. All are zinc oxide-primed and entirely free of rust and other foreign matter. All have “T” handles to facilitate easier, safer handling and rigging of the heavier units. And all handles are color-coded per rating with neon paint – a signature solutions we gladly provide to all of our customers.

We also provide custom blind racks. These highly mobile racks are easy to locate strategically throughout your unit via forklift or crane. For security purposes, all racks come with locking capabilities, and each is delivered directly to your facility and can be allocated per unit in order to meet your specialized needs.