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The Blind Rack

In keeping with our role as the industry leader in solutions and innovations, Industrial Blind Solutions has come up with an innovative method of minimizing the loss of blinds during the rental period. All blinds are delivered on a lockable rack, which aids in theft prevention and allows blinds to be quickly and easily stored and retrieved. Industrial Blind Solutions is the only company that offers this unique system. As verified by our years of experience, the combination of blind racks with the colored “T” handles successfully reduces the rate of blind loss at the job site to roughly 5%. Our racks are truly revolutionary in the enhanced stability and efficiency they bring to the turnaround process. We presort them and deliver them already secure and organized on the rack, thus increasing your ease of access and reducing wasted time right from the start of your project. When you’re done, simply securely place the blinds back on the rack to await pickup by a freight company, Industrial Blind Solutions, or Hot Shot. Our rack system is an example of our philosophy in action: We’re here to solve problems and provide innovative solutions.

Advantages of Racks

  • Blinds are delivered on blind racks or trailers customized to meet your specific needs.
  • There’s no more storing and maintaining blinds between projects.
  • Racks are lockable for better control.
  • You need far less lay down area.