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Blind Rentals


Industrial Blind Solutions (IBS) supplies blinds to the petrochemical and other industries throughout the United States including Texas (TX), Louisiana (LA), and California (CA). With years of history and a proven track record of exceeding client expectations, we have redefined the meaning of the word "solutions" in the petro-chem world.

Our inventory at Industrial Blind Solutions exceeds 400 tons and includes isolation blinds, hydro/ test blinds, blind flanges and blind racks. We also provide bleeder blinds, spec blinds, "stand-off" blinds and our specialty blinds to your exact specifications.

All of our flanges including: weld neck flanges, threaded flanges, forged flanges, and piping flanges meet ANSI B16.5 standards.

To better meet your specific needs, we make all of our products available for both rent and purchase. And this is only the beginning. With our extensive inventory and solutions-oriented business model, we’re your single source for all things related to industrial blinds. We’re proud of the solutions and service we provide, and we invite you to explore this site to learn more about us and what we can do for your business.

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Blind Rental & Sales

Solutions That Make Us Special

  • Blinds have painted T handles in unique neon colors that are classified by rating for easy identification.
  • Lockable space saving Blind Racks designed for efficient deployment, movable by either forklift or crane.
  • Blinds palletized and/or racked for easy deployment to designated units within the facility.
  • Blinds inventory available in sizes up to 96” at flange ratings to meet your individualized specifications.
  • One source for all blinds and flanges including custom fabrication with 9 support offices nationwide to fit your blind needs.
  • Industrial Blind Solutions blinds are supplied stamped and freshly painted with an anti-rust coating and are color-coded for easy identification.

Our Blind Solutions

Industrial Blind Solutions provides solutions for a wide variety of problems and scenarios.

Emergency Blind and Flange Solutions
24/7 service and hotshot deliveries for emergencies
Turnaround Solutions
Ensuring maximum speed, simplicity, and safety
Long Term Blind and Flange Solutions
Rent Blind Flanges or purchase
Short Term Blind and Flange Solutions
Keep blinds and flanges for as long or short as you need.
Managements Solutions
Freeing you up to focus on the primary job
Blind Rack Solutions
Minimizing loss and damage during rental
Radio Rental Solutions
24/7 service and hotshot deliveries for emergencies